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I am an artist by nature! I constantly have to be creating something to keep my sanity. An avid insomniac, I grew up on the mean streets of the Arizona suburbs. Always been a big fan of comics, cartoons, video games, and; likewise, their miniature likeness, i.e. action figures, for as long as I can recall. Of course, memory recall is quickly becoming a thing of the past. I may have to use this page later to remember all of this! Let's see, I taught myself to draw at the age of seven via a school folder with TMNT on  the cover and went on to practice drawing all forms of comic characters and eventually in my early teens taught myself portrait drawing ( something I later excelled at ). I was forced to drop out of art school a year from my bachelors in animation to support my family. Since my early departure from education I have created everything from wood carving to motorized props to writing scripts and poetry to hand puppets. I am currently working on customizing a wide range of figures while trying to improve my skills as a tattoo artist. Thank you for visiting, J.

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