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Welcome to The Plastic Regime. A place to view, post, and comment on your favorite toy lines and customized action figures. As well, I would like to make this somewhere where people can get reviews and discuss the latest games, comics, animation, and toy releases or just reminisce for those interested in the classics! Feel free to submit videos, pictures, and comments, subject to review of course, don't forget there are a lot of younger fans too. So lets try to keep this as PG-13 as possible. Basically, that means no nudity and if you feel the need to use profanity, please use those crazy cartoony symbols! The website is constantly growing and I have added several links for your learning and convenience. Thank you for visiting and be sure to check back soon to view new and updated features.

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 One of our own needs our help. Bill Doetterl, known to some as Toymaker B, took a leave of absence some time ago to take care of his fiancé who has been battling cancer. His fiancé, Samantha, has been diagnosed again. This time with breast cancer. They have found themselves with no income and expenses from hospital visits and surgeries. Please, follow the link and if you can help by donating, don't hesitate. Thank you.

Custom Figure Contests

Thanks again for the votes guys! Looks like we got some new voters!

If anyone has any questions or suggestions for future contest characters message an administrator or post it in the contest thread in the forum. Thank you. 








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